Dilla Tribute Night Part 2

It's time once again for Portland to pay it’s respects to one of the greatest hip-hop legends there is, J Dilla. This is the 2nd Ante Up's annual Dilla Tribute Night this time at Rotture! The legendary Detroit rapper/producer, was also one of the founding members of Detroit hip-hop groups Slum Village. Dilla was a member of the The Soulquarians movement, and produced records for some of the greatest in the game like Janet Jackson, Common, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and many more. “J Dilla changed my life,” is a statement that most Hip Hop artists have endorsed, especially any that our from the golden era of hip-hop, but even today's rappers and DJs show love. Year after year a new crop of remix’s and edits. show up showing love to the one known as dilla. 


Portland has always had its love affair with Detroit, and especially of J Dilla. This can be easily seen with the last 2 generations of hip-hop enthusiasts in Portland.The Ante Up Crew not wanting to leave Portland without it's fix of Dilla, decided to throw a DIlla tribute at Rotture’s Newest Party, Anthem Knowing how important the event is to portland, Ante Up enlisted some Portland’s Dj legends to join the fun. Rev Shines of the Life Savas and Live and Direct and Dj Kez of 360 vinyl and Rock Box and Ante Up’s own Ronin Roc will be playing Dilla music, samples, and remix’s all night long. Adding a new element this year Tony Ozier Plus a long list of other famous Portland musicians will be coming together for one night only to form a special Dilla tribute band that will be playing there own reinterpretation of the late great, Jay Dilla

Tickets are $5 with RSVP on anteuppdx.com $10 at the door.

Door's Open at 10pm Friday Feb 6th at Rotture sponsored by Compound and Xray.fm