If you Don't know you better ask somebody

You Don't know about The Ante Up Crew.

    Ante Up is a collaborative, multimedia project formed by three of Portland's most esteemed DJs - Ronin Roc, Doc Adam, and DJ Nature.   While known primarily for their abilities to rock parties of nearly any variety both as individuals and as a crew, the vision of Ante Up since its inception has been to be a cornerstone of Portland's music and art scenes with a focus upon, but not limited to, the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music.  Whether working together with with rappers and producers to generate mix tapes and live performances that showcase the best Portland has to offer, producing both original music and track edits for DJs, showcasing artists of all mediums and genres on the website, or simply presenting novel and interesting content from around the world on the blog - Ante Up aims to provide Portland with new and creative ways of engaging nightlife, the music industry, and beyond.  Our website will feature frequently updated original and exclusive content in the form of interviews, videos, music and more - so check back frequently to see what is happening in the fair city of Portland.  We will also always be rocking the party too - in Portland and all around the world.  It just might be what we do best.   


For more information, to submit music for the blog, or to contact us for booking, graphic design, web design, remix work, photography, videography and more email us:  anteuppdx@gmail.com