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The Party

In the summer of 2009, Ante Up began as a monthly party in Portland's historic Chinatown District at the Someday Lounge. Three DJ's forever changed the landscape of the Portland party scene.  Finding quick success, the original monthly party became a bi-monthly party within its first year.  "Raw" - Ante Up's second party at Crown Room - exceeded everyones expectations, becoming one of the most successful monthly events in the city for multiple years.  In 2010, Ante Up resurrected Tubesday at Tube, a weekly event with nearly a decade of history.  The party moved to Black Book in late 2013 and was renamed Turnt Up Tuesdays (TUT).  Since its inception, Ante Up has always been where the party's at. 

the site

The Ante Up website is a home for Portland artists to band together in the common goal of creating something dope! The intention has been, and always will be, to create, and to support our fellow artists; this site exists to shine a light on Portland and creativity of our musical community. Visit this site to RSVP to our upcoming events, to access exclusive DJ edits and mixtapes, and to get familiar with the people and content the crew loves and supports from Portland and beyond.

The Radio Show

In 2014, Ante Up started it's first radio show called "Radio Ruckus" with crew members Ronin Roc and Doc Adam. Radio Ruckus is a Weekly Radio Show on XRay Portland's newest community-based radio station. You can check out the show weekly on Saturdays from 10pm to 12am PST on 91.1 fm or 107.1 fm in Portland or on the web at Xray.fm.

Other Information

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Radio Ruckus is Ante Up's radio show on Portland's XRay Radio.  Every Saturday from 10PM - 12AM PST, Ronin Roc and Doc Adam bring you 2 hours of dope music to set off your Saturday night.  You can tune in locally at 107.1FM or anywhere in the world at XRay.fm.  Playing the best of that weeks biggest and newest jams, along side the growing indie hip hop and beat scene in and out of Portland. Radio Ruckus is not your average radio show, we intend to get your party started.  


Each following Tuesday the previous week show we put out for download.



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Rock Box feb 2015

Rock Box "RUN DMC" Edition

Rock Box "OutKast" Edition

Rock Box "Summer Time" Edition